My personal journey . . .

Most of my life I’ve felt alien to this world. As an empath I’ve always been able to feel things deep beneath the surface level. It seemed that I could understand everyone around me but no one could understand me. Since my childhood, I have always wanted to help others feel happy. It took me a long time to learn how to do that for myself.


The relationships in my life always seemed strained and it wasn't until I understood that we can only meet others as deeply as we have met ourselves, that those relationships began to improve. I didn't understand or have a healthy way of dealing with my own pain so I tried many short-term solutions which always failed. It took me years to realize that I had created barriers all around me to feel safe. I was too afraid to be emotionally vulnerable and created self defense mechanisms to keep myself protected. My life was unbalanced and every day was a struggle.

It wasn't until my health took an unexpected downturn, and I had accepted that in all likelihood I was going to die, that I felt what truly mattered to me. On my journey through near death, and then a rebirth so to speak, I was forced to start over. I struggled with healing and trying to understand how my health and life had taken such a drastic turn. I wasn't able to physically power house through maintaining my business and support myself the way I always had. I felt vulnerable, weak, and knew I needed help. 

Help has always been the hardest thing for me to ask for in life. I had always told myself I had it (whatever it was) and didn't need anyone. Oh, how the tables turned. I could no longer do certain things by myself. My physical strength became very limited. During this time, I also lost many who I felt were closest to me, the people that I believed I would grow old with. I then experienced the death of a loved one that I held closest to my heart. That person we all have that feels like home.

Due to all of these changes and the grief I was experiencing not only for my loved one but for who I was. In a very real way, I felt as though I had died too. The biggest problem for me was I liked who I was. I didn’t want to be someone else, something other. I felt lost because I didn't choose to change. I was forced to sit with all the demons I had buried. I didn't know who I was or who I was going to be. Someone told me that it was important to mourn the person I once was. You have to accept you are no longer that person and can't rush the process. 

Healing takes place day by day. Each day you are becoming. Through finding the lessons in my pain, I became aware and empowered at the idea that we can turn our pain into wisdom if we can sit with it long enough to feel it. I went on a soul journey to my darkest places, my fears, regrets, and repressed emotions determined to find this new kind of strength I had never had. I found myself. If only I had known I had these tools all along and how to use them to better my life! 
I am passionate about the journey of self-discovery and the healing and wisdom that comes along with that journey. My greatest desire is to help others find their inner happiness and the balance we all are capable of achieving through our own self-awareness. I am in no way claiming to be a healer. We are all divine spiritual beings having a human experience. I am simply saying I can provide you with the tools to have a deeper understanding of yourself, develop better relationships with those around you and heal yourself from emotional pain. Change starts within ourselves and we have all of the divine characteristics within our souls to bring those changes to fruition.



Areas of Study

Over the last 10 years I have educated myself on the topics of astrology, astronomy, moonology, Shamanism, Tao, numerology, ancient healing, shadow work, universal energy, herbal healing, psychology, physics and spirit work. 

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