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Victoria Blanton

What is a lightworker?


We are all divine spiritual beings having a human experience. I am passionate about the journey of self-discovery and the healing and wisdom that comes along with that experience. My greatest desire is to help others through astrology and other mediums find peace and inner happiness.


Don't be discouraged, we all are capable of achieving balance through our own self-awareness. I am in no way claiming to be a healer. I am a Lightworker using my knowledge and talents to help provide you with the tools needed to have a deeper understanding of yourself, develop better relationships with those around you and heal yourself from any emotional pain.

Change begins within ourselves and we all have the divine characteristics within our souls to bring those changes to fruition. What if you could unlock all of the secrets of the universe and have knowledge poured down upon you regarding how you relate to everything in this world? One would think that such knowledge could only come from years and years of advanced learning. But by applying the principle of Occam's Razor, you can discover more than you ever thought possible simply by learning about yourself. I want to help you do that.


You can only meet others as deeply as you have met yourself.

Learn how the lunar cycle will affect your life over the next 29.5 days and how to plan where to put your energy and when.

Session 1 - Understanding You 1.5 hrs

  Session 2 - Identifying your relationship with self as well as others. 1 hr

Session 3 - Mapping the course to your divine potential. 1 hr

Session 4 - Manifesting your destiny. 1 hr

Session 5 - Reflection 30 mins

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